President of the College:

Bishop Youssef, MD, PhD, Bishop of the Southern United States Coptic Orthodox Diocese, Chief Executive Officer and overseer of the college operations.

Director for Academic Affairs:

Fr. Misael Malak, PhD, Curriculum management, policies and procedures, and planning of college operation. Work with instructors on establishing course materials, teaching schedule, exam delivery and grading.

Director for Students Affairs:

Fr. Marcus Mansour, PhD, Registration procedures, applications and admission criteria and graduation requirements. Work with students making sure they fulfill their degree requirements in achieving goal and course requirements, including the new oral examination schedule and its requirements and communicating these info with the students. Determine admission or dismissal of students based on their completed application.

Associate Director for Academic Affairs:

Fr. Luke Beshay, Work with the Director for Academic Affairs and prepare teaching assistants for each semester, required course materials, homework, research papers, and monthly discussions. Will also be responsible for all conference calls with TAs, monitoring their duties and progress in delivering materials on time.

Associate Director for Students Affairs:

Sandy Naguib, Work with the Director for Students Affairs and prepare students for the new semester, their accommodations, registration fee and any onsite teaching requirements (projectors, handouts, CDs, etc.). Will also administer seminary website and post all audio and text files online, after being approved by the Director for Academic Affairs. She will be responsible for implementing travel and accommodation plans for Teachers and Teacher Assistants as directed by the Director of Academic Affairs. Sandy will also administer the yearly student evaluations.