The Semester Online Registration is for 2019 Fall Semester. The link to the registration form should only be used and completed by students in the program. If you are a new applicant and did not receive approval for the program yet, please wait until you receive a reply regarding your program application status.


Arrive Thursday, August 29, 2019 after 3:00 pm

Leave Monday, September 2, 2019 after 12:00 pm

As we agreed upon, please plan to leave after the last session on Monday and not before when making your traveling plans.

Orlando International Airport is ~45 minutes from the retreat center


St. Stephen Christian Conference & Retreat Center
4951 S. Washington Ave
Titusville, Florida 32780

Note: Orlando International Airport (MCO) is ~45 minutes from the retreat center


Registration fee includes accommodations and meals. It does not include transportation fee.

Double Occupancy – $300.00 per person (two beds per room – pool side)

Double Occupancy – $385.00 per person (two beds per room – waterfront side)

Single Occupancy – $395.00 per person (no view)Single Occupancy – $445.00 per person (pool view)

Single Occupancy – $485.00 per person (waterfront view)


Registration will be done online. The registration is currently open.

Please use this link if you have difficulties to get to the registration:

Registration Form


Payments may be made online via credit card at registration time or offline by check/cash.

Checks are made payable to ‘Diocese of the Southern US’.

Checks/cash are to be brought to the seminary and paid at the time of registration.


Registration system will AUTOMATICALLY shut down at 11:59 PM Central Time on August 15, 2019.


$25 Cancelation Fee

No refunds after August 15, 2019

If you need to cancel or have questions regarding credit card charge, please contact Sandy Naguib.

Roommate Preference

If you have a roommate preference, when the first person registers he/she will be assigned a Room ID#. This Room ID# can be found on the confirmation page and/or email he/she received. You will need to give this number to your preferred roommate. It is important that your roommate selects the same room type as you did.

By requesting the same Room ID#, multiple attendees can automatically be placed in the same room (subject to space and availability restrictions).

If you do not specify an ID, one will be assigned to you on the confirmation page at end of the registration process.

You may also write your roommate name in the comment section on the first page of the application form.


If you plan to bring your spouse to stay at the retreat center, please be sure to indicate so in your application. The price for your spouse is the same as a registered student. Thus your spouse will have to complete a separate registration form.

Note: Only registered students are allowed to attend the meetings/classes. If your spouse chooses to attend the meetings/classes, they must submit the required program documents and will be considered as an audit student.

Note: No children will be allowed in meetings/classes.

Additional Rooms

If you will need an additional room for family members, please contact Sandy Naguib immediately.

Children Meals

If you plan to bring your kids to eat at the retreat center, please contact Sandy Naguib immediately.