These policies are set to ensure a clear understanding of the expectations of the students enrolled in the program.

Student Status

  • All students enrolled in the program will get a student log in information to the e-learning system
  • Active Student:
    • currently participating in course curriculum
  • Dropped student:
    • dropped from the active students list after missing more than one on-site semester without approval
    • may reapply to the seminary program again
    • all previous courses not completed will need to be retaken

Onsite Semester

  • Each student is allowed to miss one onsite semester during the duration of the program provided that he/she:
    • Receives permission from Student Affairs
    • Pays the semester registration fee
  • If more than one approved on-site semester is missed, the student will have to wait for the courses to be offered again in 4 years.

Taking Exams

  • Students will receive a reminder of exam dates
  • If a student can not take an exam, he/she must notify Student Affairs immediately.


  • Passing grade is D or above
  • If a student has question regarding a grade, he/she should contact the instructor
  • Failed courses, two options to rectify grade:
    • contact instructor to see if extra credit such as a research paper can be given to improve grade
    • retake course when offered again


  • Two types
    • Bachelor degree
    • Audit certificate
  • Students must pass all courses to receive a Bachelor degree
  • Graduation ceremonies will be held in the Fall semester provided there are enough students to be graduated

Graduation Ceremony

  • Eligibility
    •  Complete all onsite sessions by the Fall semester (Bachelor degree & audit certificate)
    • Complete all courses with a passing grade (Bachelor degree)
  • If these are not meet, student will have to wait for the next graduation ceremony